When traveling to a country, you buy a ticket from the airline stating that you must be at the airport on a specific day and time. Travel has many concerns, ranging from luggage to documents and supplies. On the day you fly, you are reporting to an agency as best you can, luggage being towed to the car, and because of the extra cost of arriving at the airport you have to take the extra charge and retrieve the luggage again to the lounge. Wait. Of course, there are also not very favorable conditions for running your own luggage. You should look for your luggage while on your luggage, stand in a long line of physical inspection to avoid the gate.

We offer you CIP services to get rid of these anxieties.

Now suppose you plan on traveling by plane, what happens after you book your ticket with CIP?

Transfer: You are followed by a car door. The task is to transport your luggage with the driver. After arriving at the airport, you are introduced to the people who provide CIP services.

The CIP team are trained to provide you with a comfortable and worry-free environment. They deliver your luggage and respectfully bring you to the special hall.

Business Lounge: A collection of fast-track services, dedicated airport police inspection gates, cargo delivery, receiving a flight card from the proprietary Post Class Gate, a dedicated Passport Gate and Business Lounge Services.

What services are offered at the Barnes Lounge?

There you can read the newspaper while having a cup of coffee, smoke in the cafeteria, eat delicious meals, even if the flight is delayed, and relax in the special rooms with ease.

The fast track service not only gives you a hassle-free flight card, you pass through the dedicated airport police check-in gate without the hassle of long queues. Also, when you arrive at the airport after hours of exhaustion at the airport and long boring flights, you will no longer have to worry about luggage, passport stamps, police and more.

By booking your CIP services as airport travelers by car from the lounge to the staircase, you are usually the first to get a seat, and you are among the first to arrive on or off the plane You go out.

If your trip is business-friendly, you may be greeted by a group when you arrive at the airport, or by meeting attendees who wish to be treated well and respectfully, in the fast-departing service for Independent Group or Mashhad. They are well received and you will not have to worry about it.