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    When traveling to a country, you buy a ticket from the airline stating that you must be at the airport on a specific day and time. Travel has many concerns, ranging from luggage to documents and supplies. On the day you fly, you are reporting to an agency as best you can, luggage being towed to the car, and because of the extra cost of arriving at the airport you have to take the extra charge and retrieve the luggage again to the lounge. Wait. Of course, there are also not very favorable conditions for running your own luggage. You should look for your luggage while on your luggage, stand in a long line of physical inspection to avoid the gate.

    Tourism News

    What is a personal jet?

    What is a personal jet? A private jet is a type of jet aircraft designed and built to transport and transport small groups of people. Commercial jets are often used by private companies such as Mahan Gasht, government agencies or the armed forces. At present, it is possible to offer exclusive flights in Iran and […]

    Bodyguard and bodyguard

    Bodyguard or personal bodyguard A bodyguard or guardian is a person who is trained, brave, fearless, loyal, committed, and familiar with all the principles and rules of protection of persons, who can make the right decision at the right moment and his only criterion is to protect the life of his guard. He must be […]

    Entry visa

    Obtaining a visa for foreign guests Tourists (tourists) and people who intend to travel to the Islamic Republic of Iran for business, commercial or administrative purposes can apply for a visa (airport visa) at the airport consular units of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Obtaining an Iranian airport visa is provided for more than 70 […]

    conference hall

    Mahan Gasht Spanta Company is the organizer and organizer of conferences, conferences, seminars and domestic and international exhibitions among the first private companies that have officially started their activities in the field of holding conferences and domestic and international conferences. He has co-authored many conferences, seminars, conferences, symposia, scientific and research meetings, and domestic and […]

    Car rental

    Do you know that renting a car with a driver in the bustling city of Tehran reduces your traffic worries? For years, car rental has found so much worldwide that it can be called the car rental industry. Of course, the industry has also been growing and expanding in our country in recent years. There are various options for car rental that apply in our country as well. The most important option to rent a car is to rent a car with a driver as well as a driver. In all cities of our country, especially tourist cities such as Kish car rental market is abundant.